No True Fan of South Park can be without one, or you're gonna have a bad time. OWN

The ultimate gift for fans of the show. No true fan can be without one, or you're gonna have a bad time.

OWN           Get your South Park Heaven, or you're gonna have a bad time!

Buy Your Slice of South Park Heaven!

Step 1

You're getting a Timeshare in South Park — an excellent value at only $249.95 for one full second each year on one full square inch of land in South Park.

Upgrade to FULL OWNERSHIP of one square inch in South Park for only $2499.95!

OPTION: You may choose which second your Timeshare is for:

Month / Day Hour  : Min Sec
/ : :
(1-12) (1-31) (0-23) (0-59) (0-59)

[Example: 2/14 19:30:00 would be Feb. 14th at 7:30pm. How romantic!]

Enter Deed Recipient's Name:
(Enter Your Name, or if this is a gift, enter the gift recipient's name)


Enter the following for the deed certificate (optional):

Certificate inscription line 1:
      (These two inscription lines can be anything you want the certificate to say.)

Certificate inscription line 2:
      (For example, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, in Memoriam, Earth Day, etc.)

Gift from:
      (Enter Your Name, if this is a gift to someone else)


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Only available here!
The absolutely most unique and rarest South Park gift, ever. Anyone can buy a DVD, t-shirt, mug, or bobblehead, but nowhere else can you buy LAND in South Park for $249.95.

No true fan can be without one! Not a fan? Buy for your kids, grandkids, other loved ones, or random homeless people on the street! You can't get this anywhere else. (Know someone who isn't a fan— parents? Grandparents? Annoying brother? Buy them one! Give as a gift with a print of the FAQ!)

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