No True Fan of South Park can be without one, or you're gonna have a bad time. OWN

The ultimate gift for fans of the show. No true fan can be without one, or you're gonna have a bad time.


About The Kickapoo

The street names in the subdivision are all named after various Native American tribes, including the Kickapoo.

They're cool people, and we mean no disrespect. It's a cross-language thing, like when Chevy sold the car called the "Nova". Good imagery, exploding star and all that. Except when they sold it in Spanish-speaking countries... where "nova" means "no go." But in the English-speaking South Parkian context, um, geez, sorry, can't type, laughing... Kickapoo...

Now, here, wipe your feet, take this special pass and click to go through this door...


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The absolutely most unique and rarest South Park gift, ever. Anyone can buy a DVD, t-shirt, mug, or bobblehead, but nowhere else can you buy LAND in South Park for $24.95.

No true fan can be without one! Not a fan? Buy for your kids, grandkids, other loved ones, or random homeless people on the street! You can't get this anywhere else. (Know someone who isn't a fan— parents? Grandparents? Annoying brother? Buy them one! Give as a gift with a print of the FAQ!)

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